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GoPro cameras have a pretty solid reputation for being reliable and rugged video recording devices. Why then, you ask, do I need a case for it? Well, as rugged as GoPros may be, they are not indestructible. Over time, natural use and normal wear and tear builds up on the device. It doesn’t happen overnight, but one day you discover that your lens has a scratch, or that the standard housing has developed a scratch or warp. Finding the best GoPro case will take care of your camera. This enhances its longevity and lets you get the most out of your expensive camera equipment. Best of all the cases are not expensive.

While you might think that the biggest risk to your GoPro is from rough handling while you are actually using it, that is only one very little part of it. Adding some protection to your gear while you are storing it or traveling with it goes a long way in keeping your cameras as new as possible. This is where the best GoPro case comes in.

Which is the best GoPro case?

GoPro cases are quite functional devices that come in handy if you are an avid videographer who travels a lot with your camera(s). In addition to providing protection to your expensive camera gear, a case also keeps all your stuff organized and accessible at all times.

A case not only protects your lens from scratches and helps keep the housing intact, it also neatly arranges all your accessories. Like extra batteries, mounts, cables, memory cards, and remotes so that when you need something in a hurry, you always have it on hand.

A GoPro case is one of the best investments you can make to extend the life of your precious cameras. Here, we review cases from three different brands:

  • CamKix
  • AmazonBasics, and
  • DeKaSi

Read on till the end of the review for the final verdict.

CamKix GoPro Carrying Case

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The cases from CamKix stand out as one of the least expensive as well as most versatile of the bunch. The outer covering is semi-rigid, meaning it is fairly flexible. The cases is not water proof or crush proof, and will yield under moderate weight, so do not expect it to survive getting run over by a truck. The lack of rigidity however, does make it more resilient against the more common scenario of being dropped.

The absorbent material used in both the exterior as well as the foam interior keeps your gear safe from shock.
What is great about these cases is that the layout of the interior foam can be configured according to your needs. The pre-cut EVA foam can be configured to fit one camera and a number of accessories as well as just six cameras and no accessories. Removing the insets in the cut outs, you can customize the case to your particular requirements very easily.

The CamKix case is pretty versatile and is inexpensive. The small sized one costs USD 10.49 while the XL version costs USD 29.99. That is, in our opinion, a pretty good deal. We really like this one.

AmazonBasics GoPro Carrying Case

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AmazonBasics, the in-house brand from Amazon, has impressed us with its inexpensive yet good quality products like cables and speakers. The GoPro case from the brand lives up to these expectations very easily. The case itself is well designed and built to last. The interior is padded EVA foam that holds your devices in place.

Unlike the CamKix cases though, the layout is not customizable. The lid of the case has an elastic mesh that can be used as extra storage space. However, the mesh is quite large and things can get disorganized in there. Small, separate mesh units would have been a better choice here.

The AmazonBasics cases support all variants of GoPro cameras. The slots are spacious enough to enough hold tripods, camera housings, memory cards, LCD display, extra batteries, power plug, and remote control. The product comes with a 1 year AmazonBasics warranty.
Overall, the AmazonBasics GoPro Carrying Case does a fine job of keeping your gear organized and protected.

There is scope for improvement here, but for the price we really cannot complain. The small sized case comes in at USD 12.49 while the large size goes for USD 15.39.

DeKaSi GoPro Accessories Kit Case

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While the previous cases on this list were soft cases. The DeKaSi is a shock proof case with a rigid exterior. This means that this product does a much better job in keeping your gear safe. Even when dropped from large heights or under large forces. The DeKaSi case comes with an adjustable strap handle and has 55 different accessories that can be used with your favorite GoPro device.

Unlike the other cases on this list, the DeKaSi is not actually a carrying case for your GoPro camera but a set of very useful accessories in a handy case. Of course, you can make room for your camera itself by removing some of the accessories from the case, so it is not a very big issue.

The DeKaSi contains a chest mount harness, head strap mount, helmet strap, wrist strap for remote, roll bar mount, floating hand grip, suction cup mount, pivot arm, a monopod, a mini tripod, quick release buckles, adhesive stickers, screws, and wrenches. This one product has almost all of the accessories you could ever need on your filmmaking adventures with your GoPro cameras.

The DeKaSi GoPro Accessories Kit Case typically costs USD 82 but is currently available on Amazon for USD 28.99, a steal. If you have an interest in making videos with GoPro cameras, this kit is highly recommended, especially at this discounted price. Hurry up to get your hands on it before the sale ends!

What’s the verdict on the best GoPro camera case

So there you have it: a comprehensive review of some of the best GoPro cases in and around 20 dollars. Granted, the last one on our list is 29 dollars. Its is not even an actual GoPro case but it is such a great deal right now that we couldn’t help but tell you all about it.

Our top pick is the camkix gopro case. It’s the best overall value for money and gets the job done.

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